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2017 Division and Interest Group Awards


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Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award: the best student paper or a paper from a dissertation within 3 years of degree, preferably single-authored.
"Inclusive Pathways to Elite Leadership: Lessons from Caribbean Women and Men"
Jennifer Sharon Jones-Morales
University of the West Indies
Michael Driver Best Applied Paper Award: the applied paper with the best overall rigor and likely contribution to careers research and practice.
"Timing is Everything: An Exploration of Executive Careers Pre- and Post-General Managers Positions"
Guorong Zhu
Salem State University
Lan Wang
Boston University
Best International Paper Award: the paper with the best overall rigor and contribution to research and practice regarding careers played out within an international/cross-cultural context.
"The Return Home: Expectations and Experiences of Self-Initiating Repatriate New Zealanders"
David R. Ellis
Massey University
Kaye Thorn
Massey University
Christian Yao
Victoria University of Wellington
Best Overall Paper Award: the paper with the best overall rigor and likely contribution to careers theory, research, and/or practice.
"The Downside of Aiming High: The Relationship between Career Aspirations Difficulty and Depression"
Brian Webster
Ball State University
Bryan D. Edwards
Oklahoma State University
Mickey B. Smith
University of South Alabama
Best Symposium Award
"Refugees in Europe: Careers and Labor Market Integration"
Markus Latzke
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Petra Eggenhofer-Rehart
Vienna University of Economics and Business


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Best Empirical or Theoretical Paper Award
"Unpacking BATNA Availability: How Probability Can Impact Power in Negotiation"
Robin L. Pinkley Donald E. Conlon
Dustin J. Sleesman Don Van dewalle
John E. Sawyer Maribeth Kuenzi
Best Student Paper Award  
"The Asymmetrical Influence of Status Change on Helping "
Sarah Doyle    
Best New Directions Paper Award
"The Costs of Co-Leadership in Fashion Houses, Mountaineering Teams, Qualitative Reports, and the Lab"
Eric Anicich Frederic Clement Godart  
Roderick Ingmar Swaab Adam Galinsky  
Best Conflict-in-Context Paper Award
"Multi-Homing and Strategic Re-Entry: Conflict and Behavioral Responses in the Rideshare Industry"
Michael Maffie    
Sponsored by Emerald Publishing & the International Journal of Conflict Management
Most Influential Article Award
"Differences Between Tight and Loose Cultures: A 33-Nation Study" Science (2011), 332, 1100-1104
Michele J. Gelfand Jana L. Raver  
Lisa M. Leslie Janetta Lun  
Lili Duan Assaf Almaliach  
Jakobina Arnadottir Zeynep Aycan  
Pawel Boski Rosa Cabecinhas  
Jagdeep Chhokar Alessia D'Amato  
Iris C. Fischlmayr Ronald Fischer  
James Georgas Emiko S. Kashima  
Kibum Kim Alain Lempereur  
Rozhan Othman Bert Overlaet  
Karl Peltze Lorena R. Perez-Florizno  
Anu Realo Vidar Schei  
Peter B. Smith Nazar Soomro  
Nalinee Taveesin Midori Toyama  
Naharika Vohra Colleen Ward  
Lisa Nishii Patricia Marquez  
Beng Chong Lim Penny Panagiotopoulou  
Soon Ang Larisa Ponomarenko  
Klaus Boehnke Manfred Schmitt  
Darius Chan Erna Szabo  
Montse Ferrer Evert Van de Vliert  
Marta Fülö Susumu Yamaguchi  
Yoshishima Kashima    
Outstanding Service Award
In recognition of her outstanding service to the Conflict Management Division of the Academy of Management, 2012-2017
Mara Olekalns
Best Reviewer Awards
Gavin J. Kilduff (not pictured) Chester S. Spell (not pictured)  
Eric Anicich Emily Grijalva  
2017ReviewerAnicich 2017ReviewerGrijalva  
Julia Bear Elad Netanel Sherf  
2017ReviewerBear 2017ReviewerSherf  
Quinn Cunningham    


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We presented our CMS Division awards during our business meeting at AOM2017 in Atlanta.
Congratulations to our awardees and many thanks to our award sponsors.
Best Critical Paper - [sponsored by the journal Organization]
"Fracking the Future: Temporality, Framing and the Politics of Unconventional Fossil Fuels"
Daniel Nyberg
University of Newcastle
Christopher Wright
University of Sydney
Jacqueline Kirk
University of Nottingham / ICCSR
Best Doctoral Student Paper - [sponsored by the journal Organization]
"Organization Theorizing for Sustainability: Un-making People and Nature Exploitable"
Seray Ergene
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Best Critical Doctoral Dissertation/Thesis - [sponsored by the journal Organization]
"Maya Women Organising in the Margins: A Post/Decolonial Feminist Approach"
Jennifer Manning
Dublin Institute of Technology
Best Paper in Critical Business Ethics - [sponsored by the Journal of Business Ethics and Springer]
"From Being Unethical to Appearing Legitimate: How Analysts Got Involved in Corporate Governance"
Zhiyuan Simon Tan
King's College London
Best Critical Paper on International Business - [sponsored by the journal Critical Perspectives on International Business and
Emerald Group Publishing]
"Infantilisation and 'Tough Love' in the Chinese Workplace: Towards a New Form of Paternalism?"
Jingqi Zhu
Newcastle University
Rick Delbridge
Cardiff University
Best Critical Management Learning and Education - [sponsored by the journal Management Learning]
"Entanglements of Storytelling and Power in the Enactment of Organizational Subjectivity"
Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen
Aalborg University
Dark Side Case Study Competition - [sponsored by Sobey PhD (Management), St Mary's University]
"A Sexual Harassment Complaint and the Fallout"
Syeda Maseeha Qumer
Debapratim Purkayastha
IBS Hyderabad
Vijaya Narapareddy
University of Denver
Best CMS Reviewer
Bill Harley
University of Melbourne


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The Mentor Award    
Recognizing extraordinary contributions in the area of mentoring.
Charles H Matthews
University of Cincinnati
Best Empirical Paper - Sponsored by Kennesaw State University's Coles College of Business
"Workplace Specialization, Individual Intra-Firm Experience Diversity and Entrepreneurship"
Xu Han
The College of New Jersey
Best Family Business Paper - Sponsored by Kennesaw State University's Cox Family Enterprise Center  
"Collaborative NPD: A Mixed-Method Approach to Partner Selection in Family and Nonfamily SMEs"
Jasper Brinkerink
Maastricht University
Anita van Gils
Maastricht University
M.A. Carree
Maastricht University
Best Conceptual Paper - Sponsored by Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice  
"Following the Muse: Non-Deliberative, Unreasoned Nascent-Stage Venturing"
Daniel Lerner
University of Deusto
Richard Hunt
Colorado School of Mines
Dimo Dimov
University of Bath
Best Social Entrepreneurship Paper Award - Sponsored by Batten Institute, Darden School
"Social Entrepreneur Strategizing: Making Sense of Conflicting Demands"
Helen Haugh
University of Cambridge
Kate Sugar
University of Bath
Dissertation Awards
Heizer Best Doctoral Dissertation Award - Sponsored by Heizer Capital & the family of Edgar "Ned" Heizer, Jr.
Honors outstanding doctoral research that deals with the founding, management, growth, and development of high potential ventures, with venture capital, or with corporate entrepreneurship.
"On the Use of Imagination by Entrepreneurs"
Arjan Frederiks
University of Twente
Certification of Distinction - Heizer Best Doctoral Dissertation
 "Firm Strategy in Early-Stage Ecosystems"
Douglas Paul Hannah
Stanford University
NFIB Best Doctoral Dissertation Award - Sponsored by the NFIB
Honors outstanding doctoral research that deals with entrepreneurs, and potential entrepreneurs, with the founding, management, growth and development of independent new ventures, with small business, family business, and minority business, and/or with the support systems (other than venture capital) that help facilitate the development of such business.>
"Valuable Learning Experience or Stigmatizing Event? Three Studies Exploring Entrepreneurs' Lives Subsequent to Business Failure"
Christoph Mandl
University of Hohenheim
Foundational Paper Award - Sponsored by the ENT Division's Research Excellence Initiative
Honors a paper that has powerfully changed the conversation in the field of entrepreneurship for at least a decade.
"Causation and Effectuation: Toward a Theoretical Shift from Economic Inevitability to Entrepreneurial Contingency"
 (published in Academy of Management Review in 2001)
Saras D Sarasvathy
University of Virginia
Greif Research Impact Award - Sponsored by the USC Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Honors the paper receiving the most citations during the five years following its publication.
"Contextualizing Entrepreneurship—Conceptual Challenges and Ways Forward"
(published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice in 2011)
Friederike Welter
Universität Siegen
Practice of Entrepreneurship Award - Sponsored by the Small Giants Community
Honors a paper advancing the practice of entrepreneurship.
"A Portfolio Perspective on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development"
 (published in Small Business Economics in 2015)
Michael H Morris
University of Florida
Xaver Neumeyer
University of North Dakota
Donald F Kuratko
Indiana University
Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award - Sponsored by McGraw-Hill
Honoring innovative teaching practices.
"The Social Entrepreneurial Approach to Community Reintegration"
Charlotte R Ren
Temple University
Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award
Long term, exemplary contributions to the field of Entrepreneurship.
Dean A Shepherd
Indiana University


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Each year, the Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) Division of the Academy of Management presents awards to recognize people who have made exemplary contributions to research, teaching, and service in our field.   We highlight a few of the awards and extend our congratulations to all the award winners.
Sage Award for Scholarly Contributions
Derek R. Avery
Wake Forest University
Scholarly Contributions to Educational Practice Advancing Women in Leadership Award  
Diana Bilimoria
Case Western Reserve University
Saroj Parasuraman Outstanding Publication Award
"Whitened Résumés: Race and Self-Presentation in the Labor Market" Administrative Science Quarterly, 61(3): 469-502.
Sonia K. Kang
University of Toronto
Katherine A. DeCelles
University of Toronto
András Tilcsik
University of Toronto
Sora Jun
University of Toronto

Dorothy Harlow Best Conference Paper Award

"Having an Opinion vs. Knowing the Facts: Success Strategies among Men and Women in a Global Bank"
Alexandra C. Feldberg
Harvard University
Please visit our GDO Awards site ( for more information about our annual awards and their recipients.


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The Health Care Management Division is pleased to announce the 2017 winners of the Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar Award and the Myron D. Fottler Exceptional Service Award. 

Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar Award
The Provan Award is designed to recognize outstanding scholarship and accomplishment in the area of health care management.  The 2017 winner is Douglas Wholey, Professor in the Division of Health Policy and Management at the University of Minnesota.  
Myron D. Fottler Exceptional Service Award

The Fottler Award was established to recognize a member of the Division who has provided extraordinary service to the Health Care Management Division and to the profession.  The 2017 winner is Trish Reay, Professor in the School of Business at the University of Alberta

For a full list of HCM award winners, as well as a recap of highlights from the 2017 Annual Meeting, please visit the HCM website.


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The International Management Division recognizes excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service by conferring various awards on well-deserving members of the Division. Congratulations to all of the 2017 winners! Please see the IM Division's website for details about each of the awards.
IM Division D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Best Dissertation Award
"Responses to Subpar Performance in Foreign Subsidiaries"
Vanessa C. Hasse
University of San Francisco (PhD from Western University)
IM Division HKUST Best Paper in Global Strategy
"Multicountry and Multifirm Colocation: A Network Approach"
Minyoung Kim
University of Kansas
IM Division Best Paper in OB / HRM / OT
"How Language Diversity Affects Knowledge Processing in Multinational Team"
Helene Tenzer
University of Tübingen
Markus Pudelko
University of Tübingen
Mary M. Maloney
University of St. Thomas
Mary E. Zellmer-Bruhn
University of Minnesota
IM Division Best Qualitative Paper
"How Language Problems Affect International Academic Careers in Management"
Markus Pudelko
University of Tübingen
Helene Tenzer
University of Tübingen
IM Division Best Qualitative Paper – Highly Commended
"Resource Allocation in SME Internationalization: A Portfolio Theory Perspective"
Adeoye I. Adegorite
University of Waterloo
Rod B. McNaughton
University of Auckland
IM Division GWU-CIBER Best Paper on Emerging Markets
"Top Management Teams' Political Connections, Corporate Governance and Internationalization"
Zhennan Wang
Syracuse University
IM Division Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management Best Paper in International Ethics, Social Responsibility, and/or Sustainability
"Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility in Multinational Enterprises"
Christian Geisler Asmussen
Copenhagen Business School
Andrea Fosfuri
Bocconi University
IM Division CGIO National University of Singapore Best Paper in International Corporate Governance
"The Role of Institutional Logics in Board Interlock Formation"
Kai Xu
University of Texas at San Antonio
Rose Ji Youn Kim
University of Kentucky
Michael C. Withers
Texas A&M University
Michael Dean Howard
Texas A&M University
IM Division Douglas Nigh Award
"Age-based Social Status, Team Safety Climate, and Innovation: Overcoming Culture with Team Effects"
Timothy R. Moake
University of Missouri
Nahyun Oh
University of Missouri
Clarissa Rene Steele
University of Missouri
IM Division CEIBS Best Paper Award
"Keeping up with the Joneses: How Family Firms Navigate their Foreign Direct Investment"
Sebastian Fourne
Wilfred Laurier University
Miriam Zschoche
University of Erfurt
IM Division PWC Strategy& Eminent Scholar Award
Paul W. Beamish
Ivey School of Business, Western University
IM Division FIU Emerging Scholar Award
Elena Kulchina
Duke University
IM Division Outstanding Service to the Global Community Award
Jean J. Boddewyn
Baruch College, City University of New York
IM Division Outstanding Educator Award
Anil K. Gupta
University of Maryland
Yadong Luo
University of Miami
IM Division Best Reviewer Awards
Eren Akkan
IESE Business School
Jesper Edman
Hitotsubashi University
Jakob Müllner
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Estefania Amer
HEC Lausanne
Raquel García-García
The Open University
Karishma Nagre
University of Otago
Mark E. Barnard
Edgewood College
Maja Graso
University of Otago
Michael Nippa
Free University Bozen
Cordula Barzantny
Toulouse Business School
Vanessa C. Hasse
University of San Francisco
Daniela Noethen
Ramon Llull University
Ana Claudia Belfort
University Nove de Julho
Exequiel Hernandez
University of Pennsylvania
Manuel Anibal Portugal Ferreira
Nove de Julho University
Jean J. Boddewyn
City University of New York
Kate Hughes
National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Linda Rademaker
BI Norwegian Business School
Michal Budryk
Uppsala University
Makafui Kwame Kumodzie-Dussey
University Ca' Foscari of Venice
Michael A. Sartor
Queen's University
Daniel Richard Clark
Indiana University
Aude Le Cottier
HEC Montreal
Christopher Schlaegel
Maastricht University
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Northeastern University
John Mezias
University of Miami
Charles Edward Stevens
Lehigh University
Luis Alfonso Dau
Northeastern University
Marine Mograbyan
Imperial College Business School
Riki Takeuchi
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Henrik Dellestrand
Uppsala University
Katrin Susanne Muehlfeld
University of Trier
Gislaine Cristina Dos Santos Teixeira
Fundacao Getulio Vargas
Rian H.J. Drogendijk
University of Groningen
Michael Juergen Mueller
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Anna Zubkovskaya
University of Auckland


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At the Management Consulting division we have a number of awards that we have the pleasure of giving out each year during the annual conference, to recognize scholars and practitioners for their outstanding achievements. To us the awards are more than just plaques bearing names of the recipients and a handshake. It is the chance to recognize truly inspiring work from our peers and it is something to strive for.  The field of Management Consulting is fascinating but it is also challenging as it can be difficult to obtain the data needed for high class research.  This is recognized in our awards. Below is a short description of the awards and the recipients. Both to acknowledge the efforts of the award winners and to encourage submissions that are eligible to receive these awards in the years to come.
Best Paper Award
This award is given for the papers on management consulting that live up to the criteria for excellent research papers. It is given for papers that combine rigor with sharp analysis and clear answers on research topics and questions that are very complex. This year we were very happy to give out no less than three awards in this category. All three papers show the different ways to explore and cross over boundaries between companies, universities and management consulting areas.
"Contribution of SEAM to the Alignment of Student Affairs Mission with the University Social Mission"
Omaya Kuran
University of Balamand
"Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Conceptual Framework for the Professional Service Field"
Markus Reihlen
Leuphana University Lüneburg
Christop Seckler
Leuphana University Lüneburg
Andreas Werr
Stockholm School of Economics
"Causal Modeling in HR Analytics: A Practical Guide to Models, Pitfalls and Suggestions"
Minghui Cheng
MCMaster University
Outstanding Field Report Paper Award
Management Consulting happens in the field and thus one very good but also very challenging approach to studying it is through fieldwork. This discipline is demanding and rewarding if done correctly and can help shed light on practice as it unfolds. This year, winners examine the power dynamics between incumbent CEOs and elected CEOS, by attempting to help filling the gap in the actual researches and to underline practical implications for consultants, executives, and boards of directors.
"The Link Between CEO Over Identification and CEO Power Relinquishing Attitude"
Rida Elias
American University of Beirut
Bassam Farah
American University of Beirut
Information Age Publishing Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper on Management Consulting
It is also a struggle to write a Ph.D. dissertation and often students question if it is worth the effort. We want to acknowledge the efforts and new approaches Ph.D. students offer. Therefore we, through the generous contribution of Information Age Publishing, recognize outstanding work done by Ph.D. students with this award.
"Causal Modeling in HR Analytics: A Practical Guide to Models, Pitfalls, and Suggestions"
Minghui Cheng
MCMaster University
Benedictine University Award Outstanding Paper on Ethical Issues in Management Consulting
Ethics is an important, but sometimes overlooked issue in Management Consulting. Good consulting should always honor ethical codes.  We are grateful that Benedictine University acknowledges this and offers the awards on ethical issues in consulting. This year, award winners both identify and give answers to highly relevant questions concerning ethical issues in Management Consulting by providing a focus on ethical issues in higher education leadership and implications for the consulting arena.
"The Ethical Interface between the University and Nontraditional President: Consulting Opportunities"
Joanne Ivory
Benedictine University
Therese F. Yaeger
Benedictine University
 Peter Sorensen
Benedictine University
Benedictine University Award Outstanding Scholar-Practitioner Collaboration
The MC division highlights the scholar-practitioner relationship as a condition for working with and studying Management Consulting. This means that activities that bridges and combines the scholarly approach with practice is valuable. Also in this field the Benedictine University has an award to recognize the importance of such collaboration. This year, the winner has produced a work that provides a clear understanding for the implications of a management consultancy project, as scholar-practitioner, arguing the necessity of a holistic view of student affairs through socio-economic intervention research process.
"Contribution of SEAM to the Alignment of Student Affairs Mission with the University Social Mission"
Omaya Kuran
University of Balamand
Thomson South-Western Award Outstanding Research-Based Paper on Management Consulting
This award is generously sponsored by Thomson South-Western publishing and recognizes research-based papers in the field of Management Consulting of outstanding quality. The award is given to work that is not just new, insightful or rigorous but to work that embodies all of these qualities. This year, winners also received the award for Management Consulting Division Best Paper for their work on innovation processes in a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. That makes it even more outstanding.
"Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Conceptual Framework for the Professional Service Field"
Markus Reihlen
Leuphana University Lüneburg
Christoph Seckler
Leuphana University Lüneburg
 Andreas Werr
Stockholm School of Economics
The two last awards differ from the rest in the sense that they are not given for one contribution but for a number of contributions –for a career in the studies of Management Consulting. Here we honor those whose work serve as an inspiration for the rest of us and who has so generously offered to share their rich experience with us. Clearly their names speaks for themselves.
The Distinguished Speaker Award has been attributed to Pr. Henri Savall in recognition of his 50 years of Research and Practice in the field of Management Consulting. The French founder of Socio-Economic Approach to Management presented a quick overview of ISEOR findings and new trends for consulting within organizations. He delivered a very complete presentation on what is the new role of consultants in a highly competitive environment
Henri Savall, Distinguised Speaker
ISEOR, Magellan, IAE Lyon, University of Jean Moulin
As for Members and Friends Dinner Speaker this year we had the pleasure of having Pr. Flemming Poulfelt. The former MC Division Chair shared key insights of his dedication to the division and rich anecdotes of the evolution of Management Consulting throughout the years. He has been awarded for his contribution to Research & Practice in the Field of Management Consulting. .
Flemming Poulfelt, Members & Friends Dinner Speaker
Copenhagen Business School


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This year, the Management Education and Development Division (MED) granted six awards to the best submissions received for the conference in Atlanta. Four paper awards, one symposium and one PDW award recognize the hard work of the thought leaders in our field of management education. In addition, the Executive Committee granted the Outstanding Member Service Award to Darlene Alexander-Houle, the MED Newsletter Coordinator of several years.

Our colleagues' scholarship, combined with the outstanding work that Paul Hibbert did as our MED Program Chair, Kim Gower as our PDW Chair, Josh Daspit as the MED Research Coordinator, and Peter McNamara as our 2016-17 MED Chair. Awards were selected through two rounds of review, first by the program reviewers from which Paul Hibbert chose a shortlist and then by the MED Research Awards Review committee, led by Josh Daspit. Each of the awards included a $500 prize and an award plaque.

As my predecessors have stated in previous years, the most important awards were those to 43 management education researchers named Outstanding MED reviewer awards (listed below). Without them, the program does not run. Most importantly, these reviewers advance the field of Management Education and Development research by providing collegial reviews that help us all to improve our work for future publication. We hope to add your name to this list in 2018! The first step will be signing up to review, once the AOM system opens in a few short weeks, this coming October.

MED Best Paper in Management Education Award
Sponsored by Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS) and the Journal of Management Education.
"Transformational Teaching and Personnel Development: How Trainers Foster Transfer"
Janina Mundt and Silke Weisweiler    
Pictured (left to right): Peter McNamara (MED Chair, 2016-17), Tim O. Peterson (MOBTS), Janina Mundt  
MED Best Paper in Graduate Management Education (GME)
Sponsored by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
"Management Education at the Interface: Raw Data, Real Projects, and On-demand Lectures"
Yuwei Shi and Sandra Dow    

Pictured (left to right): Yuwei Shi, Peter McNamara

MED Junior Faculty Best Paper Award
Sponsored by SAGE Publishing and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies
This is for the most significant contribution to management education by a Junior Faculty authorship team (all earned doctorates since 2008 or working on it).
"The Supervisor as Coach: Measuring Managerial Coaching"
Laura Austermann    
Pictured (left to right): Laura Austermann and Peter McNamara  
Barry Armandi Award for Best Student Paper in Management Education and Development
Sponsored by MED and the Barry Armandi Memorial Fund
"Navigating the Changes in Management Education Through Content Analyses of Papers Published in JME"
Mortaza Zare and Alireza Moghimi    

[We regret not having a picture of these award winners!]

Best Symposium in Management Education and Development
Sponsored by MED and the Barry Armandi Memorial Fund
"High-Tech or High-Touch? Developmental Relationships in the Digital Age"
Organizers and Presenters: Angela Passarelli, Mandy Varley, Claudy Jules, Anthony Silard, Mary Beth Watson-Manheim, Kate Elgayeva, John Jameson, Ellen B. Van Oosten, and Mai P. Trinh
Pictured (left to right): Ellen B. Van Oosten, Mai P. Trinh, Angela Passarelli, Peter McNamara, Mandy Varley, and Kate Elgaeva  
Best Professional Development Workshop
Sponsored by ASFOR, the Italian Association for Managerial Formation
"Teaching with Television Media"
Organizers and Presenters: Jennifer Lynn Schultz, Sunyoung Park, Vance Johnson Lewis, Carol Stewart, Sumeet Jhamb, Debra Comer, Sharon Gibson Heilmann, Chanchai Tangpong, Alexis Downs, Elizabeth Cooper, Kevin Vincent Cavanagh, Michelle French, Bernd Kupka, Hongguo Wei, Brandon Soltwisch, Kathleen J. Barnes, Kyoung-Ah Nam, Dara Szyliowicz, and Suzanne C. De Janasz
Pictured (left to right): Kathleen J. Barnes, Kevin Vincent Cavanagh, Michelle French, Peter McNamara, Sumeet Jhamb, Elisabetta Trinchero (representing ASFOR), Jennifer Lynn Schultz, Vance Johnson Lewis, Sunyoung Park, Elizabeth Cooper, Josh Daspit (MED Research Coordinator, 2016-17) and Debra Comer.  
MED Best Reviewer Awards
Also recognized during this annual Awards and Business Meeting were the following Best Reviewer Awardees (about 10% of reviews): J. B. Arbaugh, Bonnie Aylor, Joy Beatty, Gerard Beenen, Alan Belasen, Monique Boddington, Virginia Bodolica, Manuela Brusoni, Simon Cadez, Lisa Callagher, Philip Cola, Debra Comer, John Cullen, Daniel Dayton, Viktor Dorfler, Melissa Edwards, Alistair Fee, Jeanne Forray, Stephen Forsha, Signe Frederiksen, Steve Gove, Danna Greenberg, Thomas Hawk, Josh Hodge, Andrea Honal, J. Duane Hoover, Margaret Hopkins, John Hulpke, Blake Jelley, Rita Kowalski, Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Vance Johnson Lewis, Sean Mcmahon, Peter Mcnamara, Miguel Olivas-Lujan, Judita Peterlin, Daniel Richards, Olga Ryazanova, Frank Siedlok, Simola Sheldene, James Spee, Siri Ann Terjesen, and April Wright.
Four factors were used to identify our best MED reviewers: (1) Authors' assessments of quality of feedback, (2) Depth and timeliness of review, (3) Program Chair's assessment of quality of the review, and (4) Willingness to perform emergency reviews. Please sign up to review for MED in October, and contribute to strengthening our discipline!
Special Thanks to the MED Awards Committee  
Last, and most certainly not least, on behalf of our division, I want to publicly thank the following twenty-three colleagues who helped Josh Daspit (MED Research Coordinator) and Gerard Beenen (RC-Elect) choose this year's award-winning submissions: James Bailey, Lorenzo Bizzi, Manuela Brusoni, Robert C. Giambatista, Adelina Gnantlet, Kenneth Goh, Keith Hunter, Alvin Hwang, J. Kay Keels, Eric Lamm, Michele Medina, Jacek Miroński, Naser Nikandish, Jone Pearce, Denise Philpot, Shaun Pichler, Jonathan Pinto, Ron Riggio, Jamie Seo, Brooke A. Shaughnessy, Pratigya Sigdyal, Steve Sommer, Chethan Srikant, and Heejin Woo.

Once again, a big thank you to all who made this year's excellent program possible. I look forward to seeing you in person in Chicago in 2018!



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The Management History Division - although one of the smaller divisions in the Academy of Management (AOM) - is also one of the oldest. Management historians played a seminal role in the formation and the early development of the AOM. Among these was John F. Mee, who served as the Academy's 7th President in 1952. The long-time Head of Management Studies at the University of Indiana, Mee was an active contributor to the world around him, serving as a Colonel in the United States air-force in WWII and as a senior advisor to the Truman administration. In recognition of Mee's contribution to the Division, the MHD award for the top paper given at the Annual Meeting is the John F. Mee Award for Outstanding Contribution. Rivalling this award, is the Journal of Management History Award for the Best International Paper in Management History; an award that is supported by Emerald, the publisher of the Journal of Management History. The division also offers awards for the best paper in leadership and the best student paper.
John F. Mee Award for Outstanding Contribution in Management History
"The Multiple Faces of the Span of Control: A Multilevel Analysis of the Dutch East India Company"
Wim Van Lent
Montpellier Business School
Journal of Management History Award for Best Management History Paper with International Theme 
"Members Only: The Victorian Gentlemen's Club as a Space for Doing Business 1834-1900"
Marissa Joseph
Henley Business School-University of Reading
Sage Publishers Award for Best Management History Paper in Leadership 
"Battling for the Soul of the Corporate Leader: Ida Tarbell and the Progressive Governance Model"
Bert A. Spector
Northeastern University
Albert J. Mills
St. Mary's University
Ronald B. Shuman Award For Best Student Paper
"Managing Legitimacy under Institutional Change: The Adoption of the Hypermarket Format in Finland"
Jarmo Seppala
University of Jyvaskyla
Management History Division Award for Best Reviewer
Laura Singleton
Eckerd College


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Lifetime Achievement Award - Sponsored by Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior
The OB Division's Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes senior scholars who have contributed to our discipline throughout their careers.

The 2017 recipient of this award is Fred Luthans, the Emeritus University and George Holmes Distinguished Professor of Management at the University of Nebraska. Fred delivered an illuminating and integrative address on positivity in the workplace, centered around the concept of Psychological Capital (PsyCap). A summary of Fred's achievements, along with a link to his presentation, can be found on the OB Division website (

Many thanks to the Award Committee: Anne O'Leary-Kelly (Chair), David Day, Don Ferrin, Carrie Leana and Mary Waller.
Cummings Award - Sponsored by the OB Division
Each year the OB Division honors the achievement of an early- to mid- career scholar with the Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award. The award was created in honor of the late Professor Larry Cummings and is sponsored by the OB Division Endowment.

The 2017 recipient of the Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award is Mo Wang. Mo is Professor and holds the Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar Chair at the University of Florida.

Thank you to the Award Committee: Anne O'Leary-Kelly (Chair), David Day, Don Ferrin, Carrie Leana and Mary Waller.
Mentorship Award - Sponsored by the Antwerp Management School
Each year the OB Division honors a scholar with the Mentorship Award. The award is sponsored by Antwerp Management School.

The 2017 recipient of the Mentorship Award is John Mathieu. John is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Management at the University of Connecticut, and holds the Friar Chair in Leadership and Teams at UConn.

Thank you to the Award Committee for their efforts in making this happen: Sharon Parker, Dan Cable, Lisa Dragoni, John Hollenbeck, Elizabeth Morrison, and Daan van Knippenberg.
Outstanding Publication in OB Award - Sponsored by the Journal of Managerial Psychology
This award recognizes the publication that represents the most significant contribution to the advancement of the field of organizational behavior.

Thank you to the Award Committee: Michelle Duffy (Chair), James Detert, (Ann) Yan Zhang, Emilio Castilla, Emily Heaphy, Lakshmi Ramarajan, Robert Lount, Andrew Carton, Spencer Harrison, and Nathan Pettit

"Activist Choice Homophily and the Crowdfunding of Female Founders" Administrative Science Quarterly, 0001839216678847
Jason Greenberg
Ethan Mollick
University of Pennsylvania
Yu-Lan Han
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Outstanding Practitioner-Oriented Publication in OB Award - Sponsored by Google's People Innovation Lab
This award recognizes the publication that provides the most significant contribution to the practice of management in the field of Organizational Behavior.

Thank you to the Award Committee: Sumita Raghuram (Chair), Christine Quinn Trank, Suzanne Peterson, Sim Sitkin, Mel Fugate, Herminia Ibarra, and Jessica Methot.

"Why Diversity Programs Fail", Harvard Business Review, July-August 2016, 52-60
Frank Dobbin
Harvard University
Alexandra Kalev
Tel Aviv University
Best Paper Award - Sponsored by SAGE Publications on behalf of Group & Organization Management
This award recognizes the empirical and/or conceptual paper submitted to the Academy of Management meeting that offers the most significant contribution to the field of OB.

Thank you to the Award Committee: Vijaya Ventakaramani (Chair); John Hollenbeck, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre, Rellie Derfler-Rozin, Bart de Jong, and Leigh Tost

"The Cost of Work's Tense Triad On Employee Healthcare Utilization"
Merideth Thompson
Utah State University
Dawn Carlson
Baylor University
Marcus Butts
Southern Methodist University
Sally Weaver
McLennan County Medical Education and Research Foundation; Heart of Texas Family Health Center
Best Symposium Award - Sponsored by the OB Division
This award recognizes the symposium on the program that best exemplifies interesting, important, and high-impact research.

Thank you to the Award Committee: Nancy Rothbard (chair), John Trougakos, Amy Colbert, Marie Mitchell, Jin Nam Choi, Tracy Dumas, and Laura Guilllen.

"Interfacing Hierarchies: Investigating the Confluence of Multiple Hierarchies"
Zhiya (Alice) Guo
Michigan State University
Nicholas A. Hays
Michigan State University
Best Paper with International Implications Award - Sponsored by the Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation (Oxford University)
This award recognizes the paper whose theme and content best reflects an awareness of business and management across national boundaries.

Thank you to the Award Committee: Yih-Teen Lee (Chair), Crystal Farh, Brad Kirkman, Xu Huang, and Jochen Menges.

"Developmental Leadership: How Chinese Leaders Integrate Control and Care to Cultivate Subordinates"
An-Chih Wang
National Sun Yat-sen University
Outstanding Practical Implications for Management Paper Award - Sponsored by Mercer Workforce Sciences Institute
This award recognizes the paper with the best practical implications for management.

Thank you to the Award Committee: John Wagner (chair), Kay Bartol, Mark Griffin, and Naomi Rothman.

"How Ideas Come to Life: Effect of Role and Context On Supervisory Sponsorship"
Elijah Wee
University of Washington
Vijaya Venkataramani
University of Maryland
Best Dissertation-Based Paper Award - Sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Journal of Organizational Behavior
This award recognizes the empirical and/or conceptual paper based on the first author's dissertation, which offers the most significant contribution to the field of OB.

Thank you to the Award Committee: Cindy Zapata (Chair), David Dwertmann, Sewon Kim, Charlice Hurst, James Lemoine, Andrew Knight, and Fran McKee Ryan.

"Coordination at the Interface: Understanding and Improving Cross-Unit Patient Handoffs"
Margaret M. Luciano
Arizona State University
Most Innovative Student Paper Award - Sponsored by Sage Publications
This award recognizes an empirical or conceptual paper led by a student that builds or tests theory in an unusually creative manner, investigates a novel organizational phenomenon, or uses a path-breaking design to illuminate an important problem.

Thank you to the Award Committee: Ned Wellman (Chair), Alexandra Gerbasi, Stephanie Creary, Justin Berg, Emily Bianchi, and Jennifer Carson-Marr.

"Stated-Lived Value Congruence and Expressive Authenticity"
Vontrese Deeds Pamphile
Northwestern University
Rachel Lise Ruttan
Washington University, St. Louis


+View Award Winners- Read Less
The OCIS Division awards best paper awards in three categories: 1) Best paper published in a journal by an OCIS Member 2) Best conference paper and 3) Best conference paper authored by a PhD student.
OCIS Best Student Paper Award
"A Pragmatic View on Multi-Sectoral Knowledge: Enacting Information Systems in Emergency Response"  
Corinna Frey
University of Cambridge
Michael Barrett
University of Cambridge
OCIS Division Best Paper Award
"I'm Doing This For You (And Me!): Career Concern as Motivation in Online Collaboration Communities"
Jeongsik Lee
Drexel University
Hyunwoo Park
Ohio State University
 Michael Zaggl
TUM School of Management
Annual Best Published Paper by OCIS Member
"Third-World "Sloggers" or Elite Global Professionals? Using Organizational Toolkits to Redefine Work Identity in Information Technology Offshore Outsourcing." 2016, Organization Science
Sharon Koppman
University of California, Irvine
Elisa Mattarelli
University of Modena & Reggio Emilia
Amar Gupta
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
OCIS Lifetime Service Award
Professor Elizabeth Davidson
University of Hawaii
The AOM OCIS website is:  


+View Award Winners- Read Less
Distinguished Scholar Award    
Ann Langley
HEC Montreal
Pasmore Woodman Award - sponsored by Emerald Publishing
This annual award was established by the division in 2015 in recognition of the contribution that Bill Pasmore and Dick Woodman have provided to the ODC field by creating the Research in Organizational Change and Development (ROCD) Annual series. In line with the spirit of Bill Pasmore and Dick Woodman's work on the ROCD series, the award is made to two or more colleagues who over a sustained period of time have managed to maintain a significant working relationship and who through this collaboration have produced original and innovative ODC research.
Marta Calás
University of Massachusetts
Linda Smircich
University of Massachusetts
Distinguished Educator Award    
The inaugural ODC Distinguished Educator Award honors an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to organization development and change education scholarship and/or education practice. 
Robert (Bob) Marshak
American University
Division Best Paper Award - Sponsored by the Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises at Wilfred Laurier University, Canada 
"Collective Reflection as an Orchestrated Organizational Effort"
Simone Gutzman
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Harald Tuckermann
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Rupert F. Chisolm Best Theory-to-Practice Award - This award goes to a paper presented at the Annual Meeting that demonstrates how theory informs practice and reflective practice enriches theory. This award is given in honor of Rupert Chisholm and contributes to his legacy of making theory relevant to practice.
"Conceptual Tensions and Translations: Struggling with the Core Task in Public Sector Organization"
Kasper Elmholdt
Aalborg University, Denmark
Best Action Research Paper Award
"Developing a Learning Method in an Open Innovation Project Through Action Research"
Anna Elisabeth Yström
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Susanne Ollila
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Marine Agogué
HEC Montréal, Canada
David Coghlan
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Award
"A Micro-level Integration of Diagnostic and Appreciative Approaches: A Paradoxical Approach"
Ignacio Pavez
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Best Paper by a Doctoral Student
"The Role of Professions in Institutional Change Processes: The Transformation of the Scottish Civil Justice System"
Ilay Hicret Ozturk
University of Edinburgh, UK
Susan G. Cohen Doctoral Research Award
Research Proposal: "Multiple Identity Interactions: Implications for Work Outcomes "
Sonia Raghav
University of Western Australia
Outstanding Reviewer Awards
Rouven Kanitz
LMU Munich Germany
Rita Kowalski
Work Life Consulting, USA


+View Award Winners- Read Less
OMT Distinguished Scholar Award    
Jerry Davis
University of Michigan
OMT Distinguished Educator Award
Jane Dutton
University of Michigan
OMT Best Published Paper in 2016
"Balancing on the Creative Highwire: Forecasting the Success of Novel Ideas in Organizations" Administrative Science Quarterly, 61(3), 433–468.
Justin Berg
Stanford Graduate School of Business
OMT Division Best Paper Award    
"From Affect to Instrumentality: The Dynamics of Values Homophily in Professional Networks"
Paul Ingram
Columbia University
Yoonjin Choi
Columbia University
Louis R. Pondy Award for Best Paper Based on a Dissertation
"When the Fed Speaks: Arguments, Emotions, and the Micro-foundations of Institutions"
Derek Harmon
University of Michigan
OMT Division Best Student Paper Award  
"The Dark Side of Embeddedness: When Family Relationships Give Rise to Malfeasance"
Jian Bai Li
National University of Singapore
OMT Division Best Paper on Environmental & Social Practices
"Organizational Political Ideology and Corporate Responses to Activist Protest"
Abhinav Gupta
University of Washington
Forrest Briscoe
Penn State University
OMT Division Best International Paper
"Hakuna Matata or When Cultures Collide: Navigating Institutional Abundance in Rural Africa"
Laura Claus
University of Cambridge
OMT Division Best Entrepreneurship Paper
"Community and Capital in Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth"
Sampsa Samila
Olav Sorenson
Yale University
OMT Division Best Symposium Award
"The Digital Frontier: How Digital Technologies Reconfigure Products, Organizations, and Fields"
Wanda Orlikowski
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Hansen
Harvard University
Youngjin Yoo
Case Western Reserve University
Emily Truelove
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shane Greenstein
Harvard Business School
Christopher Anderson
City University of New York
For a full description of these awards, pictures of awardees, and other fun stuff, please visit the OMT website.


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The ONE Doctoral Dissertation Award recognizes recent doctoral work in the area of organizations and natural environment:
"Organizing Climate Change Adaptation: An Organisation and Network Perspective to Agriculture Adaptation in Developing Countries"
Abrar Chaudhury
Oxford University
Honorable Mention: "The Cultural Change Work of Change Agents with Limited Authority: Integrating Sustainability Into an Organization's Culture"
Simon Pek
Simon Fraser University
ONE Best Paper Award    
"Not My Business: How Cognitive Frames and Role Identities Influence Corporate Sustainability"
Marcel Richert
University of Hamburg
Joern Hoppmann
ETH Zurich
 Timo Busch
University of Hamburg
Honorable Mention: "Creating Value for Others: The Role of Nonprofits in Improving Community Environmental Performance"
Horacio Enrique Rousseau
Florida State University
Pascual Berrone
University of Navarra
ONE-NBS Impact on Practice Award
"Funding Financial Inclusion: Institutional Logics and the Contextual Contingency of Funding for Microfinance Organization" Academy of Management Journal, 59: 2103-2131  
J. Adam Cobb
University of Pennsylvania
Tyler Wry
University of Pennsylvania
 Eric Yanfei Zhao
Indiana University
Honorable Mention: "Some Things Can Never Be Unseen: The Role of Context in Psychological Injury at War" Academy of Management Journal, 59(6), pp.1965-1993
Mark de Rond
Cambridge University
Jaco Lok
University of New South Wales
Unorthodox Paper Award
"Divided We Stand: The Policy Bifurcation of Fields in the Aftermath of Critical Events"  
Nahyun Kim
Western University
Oana Branzei
Western University
Book Award
"Green Lies: How Greenwashing Can Destroy a Company (and How to Go Green Without the Wash)"  
Pascual Berrone
University of Navarra
ONE Emerging Scholar Award
Joel Gehman
University of Alberta
ONE Distinguished Scholar Award
Tima Bansal
Ivey Business School
ONE Distinguished Service Award
P. Devereaux Jennings
University of Alberta


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Keith Provan Award
Committee: Kimberley Isett and Olivia Provan  
Rosemary O'Leary
University of Kansas
Best Dissertation Award
Chair: Mark Hager
Committee: Anders Ryom Villadsen, Elizabeth Searing
"Managing the Margins: Intersections of the State and the Khawaja Sira in Lahore, Pakistan"
Muhammad Azfar Nisar    
Best Journal Article
Chair: David Jancsics
Committee: Olivier Berthod, Sebastian Jilke, Jiahuan Lu
"The Danger of Not Listening to Firms: Government Responsiveness and the Goal of Regulatory Compliance" Published in Academy of Management Journal, 2016
Edmund Malesky Markus Taussig  
Best Journal Article - Honorable Mention
"The Intellectual Structure of Empirical Network Research in Public Administration" Published in Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2016
Qian Hu  Sana Khosa  Naim Kapucu
Best Book Award 2017
Sponsor: Deloitte
Chair: Veronica Vecchi
Committee: Sandra Van Thiel, Amanda Girth, Simon Porcher, Kaifen Yang
"Caring Capitalism: The Meaning and Measure of Social Value" Cambridge University Press, 2016
Emily Barman    
Carlo Masini Award for Innovative Scholarship
Chair: Elio Borgonovi
"An Assessment of a Trickle-down Model of Employee Empowerment in Law Enforcement Agencies"
Jongsoo Park Shahidul Hassan  
Best Doctoral Conference Paper
"Public Service Sector: The Compassionate Workplace"
Liat Eldor    
Charles H. Levine Best Conference Paper
Sponsor: Routledge
"Follower Response to Deviant Leader Behavior: Does Leader's Gender Matter?"
Sheela Pandey Leisha DeHart-Davis Sanjay K Pandey
Carolyn Dexter Award - PNP Nominee
"Exploring Motivation through the Lens of Self-Determination Theory: Citizens' Online Participation"
Lisa Schmidthuber Marcel Bogers Dennis Hilgers
William H. Newman Award - PNP Nominee
"Skills or Networks? Success and Fundraising in a Low Performing Venture Capital Market"
Miona Milosevic    
JPART PNP Top 10 Reviewer Awards
Chair: Brad Wright
"Skills or Networks? Success and Fundraising in a Low Performing Venture Capital Market"
Dhanakorn Mulaphon Brandon Ofe Sandra Groeneveld
April Townsend Thomas Blanchet Bert George
Ashley Whillans Amy J. Connolly Sandro Cabral
Deborah R. Ismond    
For a full list of PNP's 2017 Elected/Nominated Positions, please visit the Leadership Directory.


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The Research Methods Division & Sage Publications Distinguished Career Award
Chester Arthur Schriesheim
University of Miami
Early Career Achievement Award
George C. Banks
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
The Research Methods Division & Sage Publications Best Conference Paper Award
"Insufficient Effort Responding as a Meaningful Construct and Partial Function of Latent Aggression"
Justin A. DeSimone
University of Alabama
H. Kristl Davison
University of Memphis
 Jeremy Lee Schoen
University of Mississippi
Mark N. Bing
University of Mississippi
The Research Methods Division & Sage Publications Best Student Paper Award
"When ANOVA Gets it Wrong: A Re-introduction to the Regression Discontinuity Design"
Nicolas Bastardoz
University of Lausanne
The Research Methods Division & Sage Publications Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award
"Seeking Qualitative Rigor in Inductive Research: Notes on the Gioia Methodology" 
Published in Organizational Research Methods, 16, pp. 15-31.
Dennis A. Gioia
Pennsylvania State University
Kevin G. Corley
Arizona State University
Aimee L. Hamilton
University of Denver


+View Award Winners- Read Less
Irwin Outstanding Educator Award
Glenn Carroll
Stanford University
Emerging Scholar Award
Exequiel Hernandez
University of Pennsylvania
Distinguished Service Award  
R. Duane Ireland
Texas A&M University
Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award
"Essays on the Impact of Digital Information on Innovation"
Abhishek Nagaraj
University of California, Berkeley
Bill Glueck Best Paper Award
"Network Synergy: How Firms Use Acquisitions to Enhance Their Network Position"
Exequiel Hernandez
University of Pennsylvania
J. Myles Shaver
University of of Minnesota
Sumantra Ghoshal Research-to-Practice Award
"When Social Capital Hurts: The Role of Human Capital Experience and Fit"
Timothy Gubler
University of California, Riverside
Robert J. Litschert Award for the Best Paper by a Doctoral Student
"Where Have All the Disruptions Gone? Co-adoption of Partially Substituting Technologies"
Andrew Boysen
University of Pennsylvania


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Best Dissertation Award
"Essays on the Impact of Digital Information on Innovation"  
Abhishek Nagaraj
University of California Berkeley
Under the supervision of: Scott Stern (Chair), Pierre Azoulay, Catherine Tucker, Heidi Williams
Degree School: MIT Sloan School of Management
Pictured: TIM Rep-at-large Marcel Bogers (to the left) presenting the TIM Best Dissertation Award 2017 to Abhishek Nagaraj.
Best Paper Award
"Team Psychological Safety, Initiative and Creativity in R&D Teams"  
Yuwen Liu
National Tsing Hua University
Pictured: TIM Rep-at-large Jason Davis (to the right) presenting the TIM Best Paper Award 2017 to Yuwen Liu.
Best Student Paper Award
"The High-end Bias – Investigating the Irrational Preference for High-end Over Low-end Innovations" (co-authored with Sebastian Gurtner, Jake Hoskins, & Abbie Griffin)
Ronny Reinhardt
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Pictured: TIM Rep-at-large Jason Davis (to the right) presenting the TIM Best Paper Award 2017 to Ronny Reinhardt.
Past Chairs' Emerging Scholar Award
Emily Cox-Pahnke
University of Washington
Pictured:TIM Past Chair Chris Tucci (to the right) presenting the TIM Past Chairs' Emerging Scholar Award 2017 to Emily Cox-Pahnke.

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