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ICW Submission System Instructions

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1.    Create a Login ID. (For those who have submitted a PDW proposal, scholarly paper, or a symposium, you can use the same login. Everyone else should create a new login.)

2.    Complete the submission process by carrying out three simple steps:

  1. Provide information about your function (e.g., title, description, purpose, etc.)
  2. Submit your scheduling preferences (day, time, etc.) and special requests*
  3. Finalize your submission (Once finalized, you will not be able to make changes to your submission. If changes are needed please contact If you submission is not finalized it will NOT be scheduled.

*Special Requests: Any special request (preferred conference property, approximate number of persons attending, if the session should be listed on the program, etc.) should be included in the "Special Scheduling Requests" field in "step 4" of the submission process. You should also provide an alternate day and/or time for your event in case your preferred date is not available.

3.    AOM will identify space for your event and will contact you via email. Please allow AOM two weeks for this process.

4.    Follow the payment instructions as indicated in your "Tentative Confirmation" email. NOTE: If payment is not provided to AOM within 10 days of the request, the reserved space will be released.

5.    After payment is received, AOM will send a "Final Confirmation" email indicating that payment has been successfully processed and your room request has been granted. This email will provide you the details required for you to place your catering and AV orders.

The ICW submission system at opens in late April and closes in early July.

If you have any further questions regarding ICW events, please contact the ICW coordinator at

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